Terms and Conditions for Police Station Representatives

1. All representatives to be accredited for at least one year after qualification.

2. All representatives are self-employed and are responsible for their own tax responsibilities and National Insurance.

3. All representatives to register with DCSA Ltd and once registered to log on when working. This so that we can easily manage which representatives are at which police stations at any given time. This will allow efficient allocation of work during busy periods.

4. All representatives to provide Pin number and bank details.

5. In theory, all representatives would agree to work an 8 hour shift, subject to the availability of work. This is optional for each representative.

6. Rates of pay will be £80.00 per attendance, plus mileage or public transport fares. Taxis can only be used in exceptional circumstances and only by prior agreement with the instructing solicitors.

7. Travel disbursements are in addition to these rates from the instructing solicitor’s office. Mileage subject to review depending on distance.

8. All representatives are expected to print-off and complete legal aid forms from the company website and to ensure that they are signed by the detainee and to have these completed at each attendance.

9. All representatives are expected to contact the instructing firm / fee earner with the result, name of the officer and contact mobile for client by text / email and / or telephone at the conclusion of the attendance.

10. It is anticipated that once a rep is in attendance at a police station, any further work at that station will go to the rep already there, unless that rep is unavoidably detained on other matters.

11. If a rep encounters delays getting to a police a police station, please advise the office and we will liaise with the instructing solicitor / custody suite.

12. Police station notes and forms to be returned SCANNED to the offices of DCSA Ltd and instructing solicitors within 12 hours of attendance to enable efficient invoicing.

13. All representatives are responsible for their own professional obligations in observing up to date requirements imposed on them to remain Police Station Representatives and to attend CPD courses as and when required over a 12 month period to ensure that compliance to accreditation is maintained.

14. All reps are responsible for ensuring they have a Supervising Solicitor.

15. All reps should return scanned notes directly to the instructing solicitors. All invoices for attendance to be sent by email to martin@dcsarepsuk.co.uk.

General Note.

These are difficult times for the profession. These T&C’s are designed to be fair to both firms of solicitors and representatives. The structure of the company is designed to encourage long-term relationships with solicitors across England and Wales. This, in turn, will provide a respectable income and future for police station representatives and solicitors firms alike.

The only way to achieve this is to provide a service that is second to none, value for money and a clear management structure for the administration of the business.

However, it is widely acknowledged that Duty Contracts will, once granted, remain challenging to firms of solicitors as the profit margins to undertake this work are increasingly squeezed.

Terms and Conditions for Instructing Solicitors Firms

What we will seek to do for you.

1. To provide police station cover by experienced and professional Police Station Representatives.

2. All firms of solicitors who instruct us are kindly requested to register with DCSA Ltd through the appropriate page on our website, comprising of the name of the firm, instructing fee earners, mobile and email contacts.

3. Firms of solicitors to complete a Direct Debit mandate in favour of DCSA Ltd and agree to DCSA Ltd taking payment from their designated account at the end of each month for all raised and outstanding invoices.

4. All invoices are payable within 30 days if not paid monthly by direct debit. After 30 days interest will run at 8% pa on unpaid invoices.

5. To seek to arrange cover within a maximum of 15 minutes of the initial call, and attend within 45 minutes of the initial call.

6. To receive instructions by phone / text /email.

7. Firms will obtain a DSCC reference for each job – DCSA Ltd will not obtain the reference and it is the firms’ responsibility to do so. DCSA Ltd’s invoices are payable irrespective of whether or not the firm has obtained a DSCC reference.

8. Firms will provide us with an e-mail address to receive PS attendance notes and invoices.

9. Minimum time to stand a rep down from attending a pre-arranged appointment at a police station is 1 hour.

10. To complete legal aid forms as far as possible and ensure these are signed by the detainee.

11. To provide details of the officer’s contact, client’s mobile and result of attendance by email/ phone/ text.

12. The representative to FAX or SCAN completed police station forms to the offices of DCSA Ltd and to the instructing solicitors within 24 hours after attendance.

13. To notify you of cases where a detainee is charged and kept in custody overnight before 9:30am.

14. We do not undertake to attend bail to returns.

15. DCSA Ltd’s obligation is limited to attending at the police station for interview or ID procedure. DSCA will not remain for charge where there is any delay between interview and charge, nor will we remain for a decision on a bail to return date where there is any delay. We will endeavor to obtain this information but do not guarantee to provide it. This is the instructing firm’s responsibility.

16. If there is a second interview during the same period of detention then DCSA reserves the right to charge a second fee, irrespective of whether or not 2 LAA claims can be made by the firm.

17. DCSA Ltd will not attend back on a bail to return or second interview within the initial fee. If this service is required, an additional fee or fees will be payable.

18. DCSA Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

19. In the event of any dispute the law of England and Wales will apply.

20. Disputes and complaints should be referred the Directors of the company.

21. We will agree to attend police stations on your behalf on the basis you accept our Terms and Conditions. By instructing us to attend at a police station and registering with us, you are confirming your agreement to our terms and conditions.

22. To advertise for free your company on our website.