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DCSA Ltd was the brainchild of Andrew Wyborn, a police station rep for 20 years. Given the inevitable onset and introduction of two tier contracts, all reps, solicitors and solicitors firms across England and Wales have been facing cuts and possible redundancy. DCSA was established to provide a value for money service to firms of solicitors that are granted contracts at rates that are fair to both firms of solicitors and those suppliers who attend police stations on their behalf.

We offer high quality legal advice based on client care and the importance of legal aid form completion cannot be overstated.

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Martin Tracy

Martin is a criminal law consultant with 34 years’ experience specialising in police station attendance and the preparation of high profile criminal cases.

Martin is also a provider for the administrative and preparatory assistance to individuals who instruct counsel under the Direct Access Scheme and a consultant with Lansbury Worthington Solicitors, with whom he has been associated since 2008.

Previously, Martin worked with three firms in South London, developing his skills over a period of 28 years.

Andrew Wyborn

Andrew is a Criminal Law PSAR and consultant with over 19 years’ experience. He has been instructed under legal aid and privately by numerous firms representing high profile cases such as Serious Fraud, Murder and most recently Terrorism.

His vision for the agency is as follows:

“By creating an umbrella like the DCSA a shelter from the storm is created to retain experienced freelancers and bring stability in the form of regular income. Solicitors’ firms will benefit from the streamline of agency costs and an extremely reliable service.

“Our initial response from firms is extremely encouraging. Many firms will not be recruiting if granted contracts. They will be pushing forward with current staffing levels. Pressure to cover work will increase and making the contracts work is a priority.”